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Color Sets For Sale/Wanted

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As Advent and Kloss went out of business in the 80-s, as owner of Professional Electronics in Kenner, I became a source for OEM and remanufactured/rebuilt parts for their projection televisions, but as you know, this business also faded into "past history".

I officially closed my business named Professional Electronics on the 1st of January 2016, but I think the above mentioned companies were also pioneers of PTV manufacturing business in the U.S. worthy of mention.

If anyone is interested in restoring any of these sets, I still have CRT-s built for these sets by Henry Kloss himself, Clinton Electronics, Projectron and Video Display Corporation.

Besides the CRT-s, I still have some other vital parts such as service manuals, shop manuals, lenses for size conversion, anode leads, triplers and circuit boards, and even an Advent VideoBeam 1000A and a Kloss Model 2.

Ferenc (Frank) Szita (used to) d/b/a Professional Electronics  :-)) US TEL: 504-467-1717 fszita at bellsouth dot net (8/9/17)

For Sale:

1. 1963 magnavox roundie combo(CTC-15 clone), recapped, very good CRT, All tube amp, record player works, FM radio works but has issues. Cabinet in decent condition. $150
2. 1965 RCA CTC-16 roundie, recapped, good CRT, some marks on cabinet but decent, Smaller set. $100 (My Avitar)
3. 1965 RCA CTC-16 roundie swivel set, Good CRT, cabinet decent. $100
4. 1967 Admiral 23" rectangle metal table top set, Good CRT, It works but it needs work in the vertical area. $75
5. 1972 Zenith Hybrid 25" color set. This came from shango66. It works but take a while for the color to come in. CRT is marginal. I have a spare CRT thats good to go with it. $75

I'll make a good deal for all of them, No pics of them(coming shortly) but 2 of them are on my Youtube page: Zenith from shango66:

You must pick them up or arrange for shipping. Located in ID. Mike, 208-899-5083 mstaton at netzero dot net (8/7/17)

1984 General Electric TV model #25PC3804P needs new bulb a little green picture. Located in CA. Monica, tel: 626-333-8182 Wellpigpin at yahoo dot com (6/28/17)

Vintage Sylvania GT Matic II color television console, manufactured in Batavia, NY, in August 1976, approximately 23 in. screen, wood cabinet; still powers up. Located in NY. Bob, zoomie at rochester dot rr dot com (5/26/17)


For Sale: Nice RCA CTC-5 Wingate. Must be picked up by May 13. Located in RI. Terri, teojhw at verizon dot net (5/2/17)


Old RCA Victor Deluxe. 21-CT55. Call or text. Located in TX. Shane, 940-372-4158 (4/5/17)


Zenith 25 Inch Wooden Console television,  Manufactured May 1982. Model # Y2508. Console unblemished, TV still works. Needs decoder for todays signals. Can send pictures if interested. Located in KS. Roger, rkrconsult at aol dot com (3/5/17)

1964 RCA CTC-16. Serial number is 19810294. The record player still works and in the other cabinet (not shown) is a radio with manual tuner and slots for records. My dad recently passed away and I am left with cleaning out his house. All reasonable offers on this will be considered. Located in FL. Christy, 678-902-1675 djchristytaylor at yahoo dot com (3/5/17)


1968 RCA color floor model GJR756HR, serial number 402350518. I think that is the year. Located in WI. Ptorsha, 262-705-5806 Ptorshac at gmail dot com (1/7/17)

1961 RCA Victor new vista color TV in Nonworking condition for sale. I would need you to pick the item up in Dallas, TX. Make offer. Sara, 469-285-5880 (9/28/16)