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I have a 1983 19" Zenith Space Command System 3 that I would like to give away. Model SZ1961W in working order and cable compatible.  Also a 1997 27" SONY model KV-27S36 also free. Both TVs are too big and too heavy for us to move around. Located in OH. Nancy, Npsneed at aol dot com (11/26/18)


Phillips console TV radio phono, 1952. Located in IL. Therese, 847-644-1328 tksarat comcast dot net (10/3/18)


DuMont television Here is a photo of the front of it. I can't take a photo of the back because it has a cover on it and I'd have to use tools to get it off which I'm not very good at. Located in IL. Kathleen, kathleenmmoore at sbcglobal dot net (9/1/18)

RCA Victor 8-TR-29. Chassis KCS32/ Serial # 382036, 115 Volts, 60 Cycles, 250 Watts.  It's been sitting for decades but hums and crackles when turned on. Either free or pay me something to deliver it between New Haven and Cape Cod. Needs to happen asap! Jackson, 508-322-0847 jxsong at comcast dot net (8/21/18)


1955 Stromberg-Carlson 19 " TV/radio/phonogragh Model 119 Combo. This is in a beautiful Chinese Classic cabinet in red. Ideally I want to keep the cabinet and find a home for the internals. I might be willing to give them for free to someone who can come to Petaluma CA and remove them. I will post a picture a bit later. Virginia, virginia.less at exelaonline dot com (8/17/18)


Heathkit identified in the manual as "Solid State Color TV", but I believe it was sold as the GR-370. This was originally installed in a custom cabinet. Removed when it stopped working and replaced with a newer model. Complete manuals are included. Free to anyone who wants to pick it up. About thirty miles east of Los Angeles. Herb, herb.younger at gmail dot com (8/15/18)


Heathkit / Bell and Howell G900 25 inch color TV. Have build books and I believe 2 extra chassis. Local pickup 20 miles outside Chicago. Free to good home. John, cavanagh_jc at yahoo dot com (7/29/18)

I have a RCA Victor B&W TV that I am looking to sell or give away to someone who can come get it in Washington, D.C.  I don't know the year but it is Model 6-T-54. Pictures available upon request. Contact me at goldie_blumenstyk at hotmail dot com (6/16/18)

I've been storing this unknown brand 1950's TV for almost 50 years. I thought I'd restore it. I've come to the realization - that's not going to happen! If someone will pay the shipping (or if in L.A. come pick it up) I will gladly give this tv to someone that wants (deserves) it. Spike, spikebeck2 at gmail dot com (6/12/18)


I have a very large rubbermaid container full of vintage TV parts--mostly unused. The previous owner of the house was a TV/Radio repair man. Free--just looking to get it out of my garage. Located in WA. Charmaine, charmainegural at gmail dot com (3/2/18)