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I need 1 or 2 picture tubes. They are 16RP4. Admiral restoration project. Ralph, 714-293-0001r-jklimek at sbcglobal dot net (8/27/17)
I need a flyback for a CTC7 RCA Part No. 106359. This is going in to a remote model in mint condition. Mike, 760-505-2486 (8/18/17)

Hi, I am looking for a complete set of knobs, telescoping antennas and a handle for the Emerson model 1232 portable TV. Rodrigo, mosespa28 at hotmail dot com (5/30/17)

Wanted to buy: Aa working 19AP4 picture tube or a suitable replacement. An all glass substitute would be ok. Also I have a working CTC16 with a good tube and fly back that I would be willing to trade.Tim, 951-212-0060 tmihome1101 at aol dot com (4/30/17)
WTB- Power transformer for a 1947 General Electric Model 801 Television. Part number is RTP-040 according to Riders. Thank you. Kevin kevleroy at charter dot net (3/20/17)
Wanted: Magnifier for Pilot T-37 television (it fits in front of the 3" screen). William, 703-354-7700 wam11 at aol dot com (1/26/17)
In need of a SONY color tube type 470BEB22 with good emission or complete TV for personal use. Found in color receivers KV1710/20/30 and monitor type CVM1720.  If you can help please email me with details. Christopher, 860-354-5758 at hotmail dot com (1/9/17)

Will pay handsomly for this knob for a Mech portable 7" TV. Scammers do not email me. Don, 706-294-2156, dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (1/4/17)


Looking for a 12LP4 picture tube for a restoration of my grandfather's TV. Vinny, 516-316-9545, vinman66 at aol dot com (12/9/16)
Need the following knobs for 1948 RCA 8PCS41 projection set: Horizontal/Vertical; Picture/Brightness; Channel Select/Fine Tuning. Doug, 317-462-7461, emilbourn at aol dot com (11/29/16)

HELP! I am looking for 15-30 each, black, Bakelite plastic, 2 prong plugs, male & female. Or if you know anyone that has them. I have been looking all over the internet with no luck. Email me at oldcarman at comcast dot net. Thanks! (10/24/16)


I have a Philco TV I believe 1950 Model # 50-T1404 Part # 39-9981 Code 125 Rear Chassis # TP91003. All I have is the cabinet, I would like to restore it for use if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ronald, 305-726-5614, ronald_infantino at us dot aflac dot com (10/10/16).
I'm looking for a good 7DP4 or, better yet, GL-4592 CRT for use in a 621TS. Thank you. Benjamin, 313-515-0943, blmoyer at oakland dot edu (10/9/16)

Zenith 16VAJP4 CRT wanted. Also a Service Manual for a RCA CTC 81. Mike, 507-525-4982, keechmike1 at gmail dot com (9/27/16)