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Early Television Early Television
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Looking for a scrap chassis for a Stromberg-Carlson TC-125, series "0" far just need the dumb high voltage cage....probably any "TC" series chassis will work. howdan1 at att dot net (12/9/17)
Looking for a set of knobs for a 1950s era console TV. Mine is a Motorola, but any will do that look close in size and shape, just need them to finish the front of the TV case that is being used for a diorama. Kevin, 501-276-6444 aqualung1365 at yahoo dot com (12/5/17)
Wanted: Complete set of 4 knobs for a Motorola 9T1. Jack, 864-593-8321 Jsouth1954 at aol dot com (11/9/17)
Wanted the following parts for a Motorola VT-71: Metal cabinet back door screen. Complete set of Knobs (4). "Glass" Ballast tube - 17A470303. Good 7JP4 CRT tube. Jack, 864-593-8321 Jsouth1954 at aol dot com (11/9/17)
Wanted: CRT mounts for RCA CT-7 wooden cabinet model. I purchased a very nice RCA CT-7 console (cabinet only) at the 2016 ETF meet with the intention of transplanting the CRT and chassis from my less-that-perfect metal-cased CT-7. I started the project only to learn that the CRT mounting "bosses" had been removed from the new cabinet. (The CRT mounts in the metal cabinet are welded in (and after some careful measurements, I determined that they won't work in the wooden cabinet anyway.)

I'm looking for either the correct CRT mounts, another wooden-cased CT-7, or just the cabinet, for donor parts. (The CT-7 can be a complete write-fff cosmetically and electronically, as the CRT mounts are all that I really need.) James, scm114 at aol dot com (11/8/17)
I need 1 or 2 picture tubes. They are 16RP4. Admiral restoration project. Ralph, 714-293-0001r-jklimek at sbcglobal dot net (8/27/17)
I need a flyback for a CTC7 RCA Part No. 106359. This is going in to a remote model in mint condition. Mike, 760-505-2486 (8/18/17)

Hi, I am looking for a complete set of knobs, telescoping antennas and a handle for the Emerson model 1232 portable TV. Rodrigo, mosespa28 at hotmail dot com (5/30/17)

Early Television

Wanted to buy: Aa working 19AP4 picture tube or a suitable replacement. An all glass substitute would be ok. Also I have a working CTC16 with a good tube and fly back that I would be willing to trade.Tim, 951-212-0060 tmihome1101 at aol dot com (4/30/17)
WTB- Power transformer for a 1947 General Electric Model 801 Television. Part number is RTP-040 according to Riders. Thank you. Kevin kevleroy at charter dot net (3/20/17)