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Hello: I am with the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, Washington and we are looking for a flyback transformer for a Zenith 24H20 chassis. This is sometimes called a Zenith Porthole television. The Zenith part number is S-17233. Thank you, Mark Allyn
Bellingham, Washington 971-563-7588.allyn at well dot com (7/20/19)
I'm looking for the following parts for my RCA 9CP41 rear projection set: deflection yoke, acrylic ring lens and any projection parts or a complete projection unit. I'm interested in the 5" projection tube as well. I also need the control knobs and wired remote. Thank you for your help.Tim, 951 212 0060 Westfield IN. tmihome1101 at aol dot com (5/13/19)
Rebuilt or excellent tested picture tubes. Looking for a 17BP4 A/C/D (no B) and a 17QP4 and a 17LP4 . I'll also buy a 17FP4 or 17HP4 and any substitutions are welcome. John 607-648-9051 mjkhammond at earthlink dpt net (5/9/19)
Wanted NOS picture tube 23CP4. Ray, raysieracki at yahoo dot com (4/28/19)
Wanted to buy. RCA WG 304B RF Modulator. 1960s tv test equipment item. Blue paint. Tony, Cta4000s at hotmail dot com (4/24/19)

I am looking for a copy of the book described below. If anyone has an extra copy they wish to sell, please contact me.  Thank you. 
amaceto at fcps dot edu or 703-503-7498. Television Volume II (1936-1937) Hardcover. Alfred N.; Van Dyck, Arthur F.; Burnap, Robert S.; Dickey, Edward T.; Baker, George M.K. (editors) Goldsmith (Author)

WANTED: Donor grille for Pilot TV37 television. Must have at least FIVE good bars to repair two sets. Frank, 215-943-8295 fadacat at aol dot com (2/3/19)

Looking for knobs for a 1948 GE Model 805 10 inch Locomotive. Tony, oldtvsandtoys at comcast dot net (12/6/18)

I have a Hoffman model 613 for which I need a few replacement parts:

1) A tuning knob
2) cover for HV cage
3) a radio tuner if I can find one.

Please contact me with price and availability.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Brenda, brenda@jadephoenix.org (11/11/18)