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We are updating this list of people who restore TV sets for collectors. If you perform this service, please fill out this form.

ETF does not necessarily endorse the quality of the work done by restorers on this list.

In an attempt to foil the bots that harvest email addresses, we have reformatted them here. Simply replace "at" with "@"and "dot" with "." to send an email to the buyer or seller.

Sioux Falls, SD. Choice Electronics does service, repair and calibration on most all Sencore items.  We also have Test Leads, Manuals, Service Literature and accessories on most all of the Sencore items as well. 605-361-6386, Lance at Choicegear dot net (2/13/17)
Anacortes, WA .PhilcoTV.com, Ross Marshall. Restores prewar, postwar B & W sets. Specialize in PHILCO "Predicta" Series TV's, and others of mid 50's (1954--1962) - no transitions or later transistor or solid state. Chassis restorations only. No cosmetics. Any questions, call or email me. 360-421-7195, weirdvideos2008 at yahoo dot com, http://www.philcotv.com/ (1/23/16)
London, United Kingdom. John Thompson. I currently undertake all vintage electronics repairs, particularly post war television, radio and audio up to about 1980. Based in North London. Also I have many spares and service data. thompson.john@btinternet.com (1/4/15)
North Wales, United Kingdom. David Peart. 405 line monochrome 1946 1955. david-a-peart at supanet dot com (1/2/15)
Cheektowaga, NY. Tim Poliniak. Post-war black and white. (716) 833-5645, rcavictim at aol dot com (1/2/15)
Augusta, GA. Donald O. Patterson. Pre-war, post-war sets. dpatterson002 at comcast dot net (1/2/15)
Sacamento, CA. Stellar Vintage Electronics of California. Prewar, Postwar B & W, Color. Cosmetic and electronic restorations for all TV sets made from the 30s through the 60s, NOS and used parts. Specializing in early color as well as fully integrated color conversions on post-55 black and white sets. 916-491-9210, Stellartv.wordpress.com. (1/3/15)
Bowie, MD. Our crew at the National Capital Radio & Television Museum restores television sets for the Museum. We have done a CT-100 and some 1950s RCAs, Admirals, etc. On rare occasions we have restored TV sets for museum members, but we try to avoid it because there is SO MUCH labor involved that most museum members are unwilling to make a donation commensurate with the labor that it requires. We restore vacuum tube radios for members on a regular basis. radiobelanger at comcast dot net (1/3/15)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Radio Guy. I am relativily new to the TV repair thing but have been doing tube electronics, radio and amp repair for over 30 years now. I am comfortable with postwar black and white sets and have done a number of them now with good success. www.theradioguy.ca (1/3/15)
Norfolk, VA. Nick Williams. Early color, 54 thru the end of the roundies. It can take me a long time to do stuff, but the results are always worth it. 559-362-2282, sailornw at gmail dot com (1/3/15)
Mesquite, TX. Larry Whitlock. Postwar B & W, Color. I specialize in restoration of Philco Predicta TVs. 214-914-5424, lwhitlock7 at aol dot com (1/3/15)
Charlotte, NC. David Debetta. Postwar B & W. Can restore many brands/models of early postwar black and white TVs, tube type. 803-228-0026. ddebetta at carolina dot rr dot com (1/3/15)
New Hope, PA. Chuck Azar. I restore pre 1950 B&W TV’s and Round tube Color TV’s. I specialize in electrostatic B&W sets Motorola, Hallicrafters, Admiral, Teletone, Pilot and others I have parts for all these sets including CRT’s. I can rebuild chassis only on B&W TV’s if you like saving on shipping costs. All B&W TV restorations have my lifetime warranty. I worked on these old guys when I was a kid learning the TV business in the late 40’s and was in the business until the 60’s I also have a cabinet refinisher who does superb work. I work on a lot of old round tube Zenith’s, Philco’s, RCA’s, GE’s, etc. I have parts and restore projection sets and just finished a United States Television Bar set. I have factory training on Motorola, Philco and Zenith B&W sets and Motorola and RCA Color sets. I also sell restored sets and if I don’t have what you want I can purchase and restore any set you want. Call me at215-794-3616or email me at cazar at irvm dot com(1/3/15)
Perkasie, PA. VRTR, Chuck Azzalina. Restores Pre-1945 and postwar sets. 215-816-8485, restore at myvintagetv dot com,   www.myvintagetv.com. (1/5/15)
Lafayette, CO. Craig Roberts. Repair of television sets and radios from the 30s and 40s. 301-266-2526 analog.tv at juno dot com (10/17/16)
Southern CA. David Jones. I can provide restoration for vintage electronics... prefer TVs, color or B&W. (1/7/15)
Plainfield, CT. Kirk Stankiewicz. I would be happy to help any collectors with early RCA Color, CTC 2 to CTC 9. 860 202 4885, kstanki at aol dot com (1/7/15)
Cambridge, MA. Postwar B&W, anything solid-state. Contact Information: Please contact me atmedasaro at dasarodesigns dot com. Other notes: I specialize in designing replacements for no longer available ICs and hybrids. Please see my website at www.dasarodesigns.com for a listing of all the parts I currently have available for sale or to contact me about a custom part you need made. (1/11/15)
Liverpool, NY. Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations. Restores electrostatic and magnetic deflection sets. Ship the chassis to Dave, or deliver it to him. www.davesantiqueradio.com, dave2 at dreamscape dot com (2/22/15)
Palmyra/Doylesburg, PA. Roy J. Tellason Technical Services. learned on this stuff, taking it apart when I was a kid, putting it back together and making it work somewhat later. :-). I've been a tech for several decades now, and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Postwar B & W, Color. 717-461-1324, 717-349-7668, rtellason at gmail dot com (5/5/15)
Williamsport, PA. Guild's TV Sales and Service. We are focused on repair of pre 1970 tube based radios, amps, TV, and phonographs. (5/10/15)

These people have done restoration work in the past, but have not provided recent information:

Long Island, NY. Vintage TV and Radio Restoration. Have parts chassis, some CRTs and plenty of restored and unrestored sets. Had three TV shops. You can reach me at (631) 667-5247.
Paris. KY. TV restoration of early TV sets. 55 years experience. 7 inch sets a specialty. Cabinet restoration available, too. Charles Harper, email brdcster at gmail dot com
Midland, Texas. Retro Electronics and Audio Lab in (www.retroaudiolab.com) offers service for tube-type TV sets, antique radios, jukeboxes, phonographs, electric organs, and other vintage equipment. We also offer supplies such as phono styli and have good used audio components for sale. E-mail retroaudiolab at yahoo dot com.
Shelton WA. HQ Electronics is restoring the old B&W & color sets as well as antique radios. 360-426-3336 (Shared phone and fax), hqelect at hctc dot com
Tupelo, MS. Steve George. Repairs vintage TV sets. sgeorge at avisa dot com