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Mechanical Television

30 Line Nipkow Reproduction

Here is an interesting 30 line TV reproduction built by French TV fan Jean-Luc Gendron. Jean-Luc built his scanner from a 33 Rpm record polished to a flat surface before drilling holes. Holes are 1 mm diameter, covered with black tape to obtain a "half-moon" shape. Lighting source is a neon pilot light plus lens and diffuser. Jean Luc did not want to use LEDs to remain as close as possible to the 1930s original.


The receiver is basically an AM radio chassis with the TV part added on. It could have received the BBC experimental transmissions if they were still broadcast. Jean-Luc is planning to use a low power AM transmitter to simulate over the air reception.

Jean Luc also built a camera, which uses a CCD array on one side and a neon reproducer (monitor function) on the other.












Courtesy of Jerome Halphen