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Early Color Television

Gray Research Monitor

This is the front cover, made of cast aluminum. The speaker and magnifying lens are mounted to it.

Rear view of the cover, showing the shroud for the color wheel. The shroud is fitted to the front cover using four pins with springs around them. The springs press the shroud firmly against the front of the main cabinet.

This is the front of the main cabinet. Note the hub in the middle for the color wheel.

A rear view of the cabinet. On the right is the motor control chassis. In the center is the motor mount, and on the left is the main chassis. The CRT is a 10FP4.

On the left is the motor control chassis before restoration. It is missing its connectors and many parts. On the right is the chassis after restoration.

The main chassis, also missing most of its connectors. At the top is the horizontal output section, with 3 1X2 tubes used apparently as a voltage doubler for the CRT anode voltage. At the bottom is a Sola constant voltage power transformer.

Here is the chassis after restoration. We are still missing a power connector.


Here is the motor mount. In the front are two clamps for the starting capacitor. Directly behind is a frame for the motor, which was mounted behind it with the shaft facing forward. A belt drive was used to connect the motor to the color wheel shaft (above), which has the alternator (used to generate a signal for motor sync) mounted on it.

After restoration, showing the motor and drive belt

The controls are hidden by sliding metal doors.

Here are some photos from the Gray monitor at the CNAM museum in Paris

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen