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Early Television
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Gray Research Monitor Tube List

Technical information





Main Chassis

5V4 2 HV Rect  
12AU7 1 Audio Amp  
6AQ5 1 Audio Out  
12AU7 1 Hor. Osc. 29,160 Hz
1X2 3 15 KV Rect. Voltage doubler
6BG6 1 Hor. Out  
6AS7 1 Damper  
12AU7 1 Vert. Osc/Pulse Amp 24 Hz
6AQ5 1 Vert. Out  
12AT7 1 Video Amp  
6AH6 1 Video Amp  
6BF5 1 Video Amp  
6AL5 1 DC Restorer  
6BC5 2 Sync Amp  

Motor Control Chassis

5V4 1 HV Rect  
6X5 1 Neg. Rect.  
12AU7 1/2 Sync Amp  
12AT7 1/2 Equalizer Pulse Extractor Extracts motor sync pulse
6AS6 1 Pulse Coincidence Detector             "         "
12AU7 1 Pulse Stretcher Multivibrator  
12AT7 1/2 Pulse Amp  
12AU7 1/2 Alternator Amp  
12AU7 1/2 Clamp Compares phase of sync pulse and alternator pulse
6AG7 1 Motor Control