Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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Haynes Radio, LTD

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Early Television

Viceiver (1937) 12 inch. Original Price 120 Gns

The following is from Jon Evans:

This particular TV appears in their 1937/38 brochure and is mentioned in both Practical Wireless and Television and Short Wave Magazine in the second half of 1937. However the set was not actually produced until the latter part of the first half of 1938.

It was an almost half hearted attempt to enter the market. They produced a few sets but in 1939, long before the war, they were concentrating on work for the military.

A number of TV cabinets ended up being stored at the outbreak of war but deteriorated so badly that they were subsequently scrappedPrior to the Viceiver they also produced sub-assemblies (PSU, timebase etc) for televisions.

I got all this from a chap called Hugh Haynes, who took over the business from his father just after the war.

Haynes made components for prewar TV sets, including the time base and EHT chassis shown below:

Early Television Early Television

Courtesy of Jon Evans