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Postwar American Television

Royal Television and Electronics

Royal was operated by Henry Mitchell. The information and pictures on this page are courtesy of his son Billy.

During the War, Henry Mitchell served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, at Squire Laboratories Signal Corps., Fort Monmouth, N.J., where he was engaged in research and development in Radio and Radar. His first assignment was on the development of Tank Radio in conjunction in conjunction with General Electric Company engineers and development of radio facsimile equipment in cooperation with the R.C.A. Engineers. While at Fort Monmouth he was appointed Engineer in charge of Communications and Field Measurements Section, engineered and constructed the Communications Radio Station WVAM18 at Camp Coles branch of Ft. Monmouth, and later was assigned as a Project Engineer during the development of Aircraft Radio Set SCR274N in cooperation with Western Electric engineers. He was subsequently transferred to Wright Field Aircraft Radio Laboratory, as a Project Engineer, in Air Navigation and Radio. At the duration of the War Mr. Mitchell returned to Washington and organized and operated his own radio electronic business and with the advent of television, engaged extensively in this field and subsequently organized Allied Electronics, Inc., of which Royal Television and Electronics, Inc. was a division.

Royal Television and Electronics occupied the entire commercial floor space in three buildings in Washington, DC. Work shops, assembly rooms, woodworking and cabinet shops were equipped for mass production of projection sets. Royal also operated a R & D laboratory.

Since the inception of Television, Mr. Mitchell was engaged in practically every phase of this field. He was principally responsible for the “Big Screen” Television operated by “Remote Control” that were manufactured by Royal.

During his 20 years of experience, he became well known in the industry for his outstanding work in the design, engineering, development and manufacture of radio, intercommunications systems, large high-quality sound and music installations. Through many years of association with prominent radio and electronic manufacturers, he also gained vast experience in factory organization and mass production procedures.

The chassis and high voltage power unit are RCA PTU-1 components. The Schmidt barrel are a combination RCA and GE parts.

Royal Professional Theatre Projector

Mr. Michell also operated ABC Mobile Television Service Company

RCA Radio and Television Service News