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Early Television
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Motorola 19CK1

Early Television

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This was Motorola's second color set, introduced in late 1954. It used a 19 inch picture tube, but this set, like most of the 19 inch sets, was modified with a 21 inch tube by Motorola or by the dealer. This may be the only surviving example of this set.

This set was donated by Gene Hamilton of Stillwater, Oklahoma. His parents were Motorola retailers from the mid 1940s until they retired in the 1980s. In addition to Motorola consumer products they were the Motorola Communications service agent for this region and provided the first "two-way" mobile radio for most of the public services within 60 miles of their home in Stillwater. His father Vernon Hamilton was the original "steely-eyed radio man" in this area.

his was the first color television set to come to Stillwater. It was never sold, and has the original dealer sticker on the front.

Early Television

From Gene Hamilton:

The color set is on the right.  We were allowed to consider the other television to be ours.  The color one was way too expensive for us to keep so we had to be prepared to sell it.  It never spent much time at our house.  I'm the young man between to the two girls.  The girls are our cousins from Virginia.  My brother Alan is looking dejected on the left of the image.  I'm thinking I might have been about 5 years old so it's likely this is Christmas 1960.