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Early Electronic Television

Murphy A58V Chassis

The power pack chassis. On the left is the power transformer for the filaments and B+ (HT). At the bottom are the two rectifier tubes (valves). On the right is the high voltage (EHT) power transformer and the HV (EHT) rectifier. Notice the modern capacitors on the tube (valve) socket. In our restoration we will rebuild the original capacitor.


Bottom view of the power pack. The original electrolytics have been clipped out of the circuit but left on the chassis. Modern ones have been installed. We will rebuild the originals.

Top view of the television chassis. On the bottom are the RF, IF and video stages. On top are the deflection tubes (valves). In the center is where the CRT mounts (neck down).


Bottom view of the television chassis. There are many modern parts that will be replaced with pre-1945 ones.

The radio. It is a simple design, with five tubes, with a single ended output.

The speaker, with output transformer