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Nick Fink's Bar

This bar is where our Tradiovision set was located. Here are some comments about Nick Fink's Bar from Dennis Fink:

Nick Fink's bar was built in 1888 by my Great-Great-Grandfather, Nick Fink I.  He immigrated from Prussia.  Back then it was named Riversite Hotel.  It is located in Comstock Park, Michigan.

Nick Fink II was the first person to fly in Kent County Michigan.  I have newspaper articles to support it.

Nick Fink III died as an infant. Nick Fink IV is my grandfather who originally bought the TV.

Nick Fink's bar is still in business today.  It is owned by the Gillmore Collection.

Early Television

The bar, circa early 1900's

Early Television

My Grandfather at the bar

Early Television

My grandfather's statue collection In the 50s or 60s

Early Television