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Early Electronic Television

Philco 6 Inch 1942 Model

The comments below are from Chuck Azzalina:

This set has had the tuner changed to one of the 1948 8 channel styles, but it looks like factory or at least model shop work. The original tube sockets and components for the original 5 channel tuner (1232 mixer and 7A4 oscillator) are still installed. This set has FM sound.

Have the '42 Philco playing, still has a couple of issues - centering and horizontal linearity. But because it has no electrical centering controls, everything is done mechanically by moving the CRT and focus coil, I decided to leave it as is. Every time I try to make an adjustment I worry about breaking the CRT.

I doubt the set was perfect back then, almost every connection was just tack soldered to terminals I guess it made it easy to test different wiring changes, easiest set ever to replace parts.

I compared the wiring to the schematic of the 10" '42 set in the Philco Blue Book and it is close but they made a lot of improvements, added electrical centering controls, AGC control, extra IF stage and an RF stage.

Courtesy of Chuck Azzalina