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Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute 1947 Receiver

Schematic of a TV receiver used in a TV course at the Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute. It is a three channel set, and uses either a 5BP4 or 7GP4 CRT. The circuit is almost identical to the Teletkit model 7 except that it uses a 6J5 oscillator tube.

Early Television

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Courtesy of Chuck Azzalina

Joe Mammino wrote:

Saw the schematic of the 1947 TV set built by students of the Philadelohia Wireless Technical Institute.  I was one of the students who built that set.  Attended on a grant from the GI Bill, which helped veterans of WW2 get an education.
I am 87 now still going strong with computers and electronic items.  What a small world to find this gem.

Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to save the TV or other memorabilia from the institute.   As a 23 year old vet I was only interested in getting an education.  I do recall watching a boxing match on that TV which I believe was Joe Lewis  That early set was notorious for vertical instability so it was flipping vertically a good bit of the time. The education permitted me to go on and have a career as an civilian Electronic Technician for the Navy working on their ships.