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Pye 817 Valve List

Television: Single channel TRF.  The 817 originally had a Hivac T5M CRT. Our set came with a Emiscope 3/1 triode. Magnetic focus and deflection, approx. 45 degrees.


Video RF amplifier 3 EF6
Video detector 2 EA50/T6D Push-pull
Audio RF amplifier 2 EF6  
Audio detector 1 EA50/T6D
Sync separator 1 EF6
Horizontal (line) oscillator 1 6J5 *
Horizontal (line) output 1 6V6 *
Vertical (frame) oscillator/output 1 6153T
Rectifier (HT) 1 UU5/IW3
High Voltage (EHT)  1 HVU1/HVR2 2500 VDC

*Factory (?) replacement for a Hivac AC/TZ, a triode-tetrode specially made for the set.

Factory service notes