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RCA 21CT55 in Switzerland

Jerome Halphen sent this:

a Swiss gentleman, Mr Petignat, contacted me through the RadioFil French forum. He does not speak English.

He has a 21CT55 color TV which was modified which was modified for NTSC 625 experimental tests in Switzerland in 1957, this is therefore a rare prototype set. He also has a spare CRT (should be 21AXP22 glass/metal)

Set ID data is:

CTC 2B chassis
50 6L
RVB 274
11 03 207-1 SUB10
B 8802861

The TV has NOT been plugged in, told him not to.

The color subcarrier crystal is 4.4296875 MHz.

The original VHF tuner was replaced with a CCIR B standard VHF tuner to comply with European TV channels. The TV was used for OTA tests on channel E2 via the Berne (Bantiger) transmitter.

Have requested some pictures of the TV, chassis & spare CRT.