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Early Color Television

Restoring the RCA TK-41

We received a donation of TK-41 equipment, including three cameras and all the support equipment we need to restore our camera. So, we have decided to start the process of getting it working again.

Here is an outline of how we hope a approach it:

  • Clean all the support equipment (it was stored in a barn for years)
  • Have the equipment racks sand blasted and painted
  • Mount the support equipment for display
  • Find volunteers to recap the support equipment and ship the units to them
  • Connect the equipment and troubleshoot it

March 1-2, 2016


Here is the slant rack, after sand blasting and painting. The control panel and processing amplifier have been mounted. For now, a piece of black poster board is on the desk area. We will have a piece of black laminate cut.

The underside of the slant rack, showing the gain pots and the Variac/Barrier Strip

When the bottom metal piece is removed from this rack, it will be the same height as the rack for the color controls. It will have the TM-6 master monitor. To the left will be our TM-21 color monitor.

The tall rack, with (top to bottom) Colorplexer, Color Bar Generator, Calibration Pulse Generator, Centering Current Supply, Focus Current Regulator, and two WP-16 Power supplies.

March 5, 2016

We are seeking volunteers to recap and clean up units for the TK-41. Here is a list of what we need restored:

Unit Volunteer
WP-16 Power Supply (2) Steve McVoy (1)
Focus Current Regulator  
Centering Current Supply  
Colorplexer Phil Dudley
Color Bar Generator John Folsom
Calibration Pulse Generator  
Processor James O'Neal
Camera Upper Shelf Chassis  
Camera Vertical Deflection Chassis David Carlstrom
Camera Horizontal Deflection Chassis Steve Kissinger
Camera Viewfinder Dave May

These units will be available at the convention for you to take home with you. We will have documentation available. Contact us if you are interested in doing a unit.

The entire setup