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RCA Trinoscope

This unit is on loan to the museum from Ed Alfonsi. It came from the collection of Danny Gustafson. It is for sale - contact the museum if you have questions about it.

Early Television

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Ed Reitan provided the following information on our Trinescope:

In my research, I have identified some  FIFTEEN (15) model types of RCA multiple crt Color Sets.  These sets used either three (trinoscope) or two CRTs.

Only two trinoscope sets were designed and built at Camden,and are shown in the RCA Red Book Petition to the FCC.  The Trinescope residing at UCLA is the second of those two described ("Trinoscope Receiver Model No. 2").  Camden thereafter concentrated on sets using the new tri-color kinescope.

The other multiple-crt sets were all designed and built at RCA Labs in Princeton, NJ.

The Trinoscope at the ETF Museum is the last trinoscope set type built at Princeton.  It was named the "Simplified Trinoscope Receiver".  It was demonstrated to the FCC on February 23, 1950 and its report was filed with the FCC on February 28, 1950.  This report, "Blue Book" #12 describes this Trinoscope and has a full schematic.

Early Television