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Re-Attaching the Base to a CRT

The following approach works well when you need to re-attach a base to a CRT.

1. Remove all the solder from each pin of the base.

2. Take a 6 inch piece of stranded wire, such as lamp cord, and separate the strands.

3. Solder one strand to each wire coming from the CRT. Make sure to make the solder joint small enough so it can fit through the pins of the base.

4. Fish each strand through the proper pin and pull the base in place. That will position the CRT wires at the end of each pin.

5. As you pull the base in place, apply glue to attach the base to the CRT neck.

6. Solder each pin. As you heat the pin, you can pull the strand off.

7. This approach assures that the wires are at the tips of the pins where the solder connection will be solid.