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Transvision 7 inch Kit

This set was produced just after the war, using many war surplus parts. Most of the tubes are JAN military. In many ways the set is a pre-1945 design. The CRT power supply is from a power transformer, rather than a flyback transformer. The CRT uses only 2500 volts, resulting in a very dim picture. Compare this to the RCA 621, which was introduced at the same time and has about 6000 volts on the CRT and uses a flyback power supply.

The set also has an AM sound detector. TV sound was AM before the war, but the standard was changed to FM in 1941. It is a mystery why the Transvision had AM sound. Perhaps cost was the reason - one tube is saved with AM. The AM sound section can be made to work on FM by using slope detection, but the quality is impaired.

Another feature that is similar to pre-1945 sets is the tuner. It has only channels 1-5, similar to the pre-1945 RCA TRK series.