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Early Television Early Television
Mechanical Television

Television in Three Dimensions

Early Television

Modern Mechanix, February 1931

From James Hawes:

I've talked about this system before. I think that it might have worked. Despite the photo, I don't know if Gould ever built a full-size, 3D implementation. One interesting idea is that Gould's 3D system is "looks in" on a small, 3D model of the world. Most 3D systems "look out" on a small piece of the large world. I think that Gould's system would create an image that resembles a Mercator projection of the globe. The projection would be most accurate in the center of the image. The edges might be distorted. Also, such a projection would have no definite "top" or "bottom." As the article notes, the subject must fit into a confined area. This system would be ideal for political speeches.