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Mechanical Television

Western Empire State Chassis

The only other surviving set is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The photographs here are of that set. Thanks to Barney Finn from the Smithsonian for allowing us to photograph and document the chassis.

Rear view of the TV chassis. The disk is 11 inches in diameter, with 1/2 inch lenses, compared to 9 inches diameter and 3/8 inch lenses in the Model 41.

A front view of the TV chassis. The motor is the same as the Model 41, but the mounting bracket is different. The chassis is the same as the Model 41.  The tube lineup is 3 - 58s (TRF amps), 56 (Detector), 3 -227s (Audio amps), 45 (Output) and 80 (Rectifier).


The neon crater lamp. It is about the size of a large automobile tail light bulb. The aperture can be seen in the middle of the metal disk. In operation the lamp would be rotated so that the aperture faces the disk.

Two speakers are connected to the radio chassis


Rear view of the radio chassis. It tunes the standard AM band.