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Repair of the Westinghouse 15 Inch Color Set

Early Television

From Al Hagovsky's Facebook post:


Yesterday I officially joined the “High Voltage” club. Damn that hurt!!! Early Television⚡️Early Television⚡️Early Television⚡️Early Television⚡️

The culprit . . . 1954 Westinghouse H840CK15. One of the first color TVs. It had totally lost a raster and two controls had been damaged when the chassis was last put back in the cabinet. I worked on it with Edward Lefevre on Friday and Saturday to bring it back. But while trying to set up the color convergence (which is very tricky on these early color sets) the High Voltage control on the HV cage “reached out” and reminded me just how careful you need to be around these sets. POINT TAKEN!!

We did successfully restore the raster but never got the setup right. Set still has a lot of original caps and resistors in it, which can drift after the set is on for a while. Making setup even more difficult than it is.