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Early Color Television

RCA CTC-4 Director 21

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Gudmundur Trausti Fridriksson and the 6BK4

The CTC-4 was introduced in 1955, and has a 21 inch round picture tube. It came in several cabinet styles, including this console version named the "Director 21". More information on the CTC-4 is available at Ed Reitan's site. RCA also made CTC-4 based sets for other manufacturers.

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Prototype, from an early 1955 issue of Radio Age

Corutesy of Steve Dichter

Rows of RCA Victor CTC-4 "Director" models on pallets and waiting for shipping cartons. Then on to RCA distributors and a dealer near you. Suspect this is a publicity photo taken at the Bloomington, Ind. plant. Notice the sets in foreground & near background assembly line have labels across screens. Those in far background do not. Probably early 1956.

Radio Age, October 1955

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Courtesy of Steve Dichter