Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television
Early Electronic Television

Murphy A58V

The Cabinet. The cabinet is in good condition and needs only touchup.

The Chassis. (pictures and technical information

Power Pack Chassis. This set was restored by the previous owner, but little attention was paid to making the restoration look original. The electrolytics have been clipped out of the circuit and modern ones soldered on under the chassis. We will rebuild the originals. The high voltage (EHT) capacitor has also been clipped out, and two modern ones put in its place. We will also rebuild this capacitor. After completing this work the power pack chassis works normally.

TV Chassis. Many capacitors have been replaced with modern ones. Fortunately, many of the old parts were left on the chassis, so we can rebuild them. Some resistors have been replaced with modern ones. We will replace them with NOS pre-1945 ones.

he previous restorer had installed several capacitors with the wrong value. After changing them to the proper ones, the set works properly.

Restoration of the TV portion is now complete.

Radio Chassis. The radio also had several modern parts soldered in place. We rebuilt the cardboard housed electrolytic capacitor assembly, which had 4 capacitors in it, and we rebuilt the paper capacitors. There are a few modern ones we don't have the shells.

The speaker cone had come unglued at the rim, so we had to re-attach it. The radio now works properly.

Early Television

Early Television

The rear of the set, with the TV chassis folded down (left) and up (right). The power pack chassis is visible on the right at the bottom. The radio chassis is on the top right side.

 Early Television

Here is a photo of the screen. Notice the herringbone pattern. Apparently this is normal, according to a factory bulletin. The set uses very low IF frequencies (4.2 mHz for the video, 750 KHz for the audio), resulting the the beat. The focus on the right side of the picture is poor. We will attempt to solve that problem. Repositioning the focus coil resulted in uniform focus.